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Tradition, meaning, and the history of the Couple Promise Rings

The wearing of an engagement ring has a long tradition that dates to the time of the ancients. The rings were originally used to symbolize of the bride's wedding dowry. It has transformed into the romantic symbol we know today.

The engagement ring is a symbol of the vow of marriage, which is a symbol of commitment and obligation towards the partner you love dearly.

The shape of the ring will give you an idea of its meaning: round, with no beginning or ending and thus became the universal symbol of love and fidelity, perfection and infinity.

The story of the engagement ring's history from the beginning of time to the present day

From the beginning of time to today the meaning of an engagement ring has changed.

In the past, it was believed that the rings fingers were an intimate connection to the heart. In this way, rings were affixed to the left hand of the lover to symbolize eternal love and unending love.

Already in the Middle Ages, the woman received a ring from her suitor as a guarantee of marriage. This was a tradition so serious that women were not allowed to wear a ring to be pleasure.

The twin rings, also known as twin rings, began to appear. The rings could be worn together. The man would wear the ring until wedding. Then he gave the ring to the bride who would wear it for the rest of her life as her wedding ring.

The engagement ring has become an integral part of the wedding announcement. In Italy, it is usually only worn by women. Usually, the man is the one who decides on and purchases the engagement ring.

Engagement rings - traditions, individuality and meaning vs. value

While in other countries the value of an engagement ring is determined by the income of the person the person is earning, in Italy they try to figure out the woman's taste so that she would like the rings.

Of course the choice of the material as well as the size of the diamond is equally important in our country, but for many women, the uniqueness and significance of the engagement ring is the primary focus.

The traditional meaning of the ring is an immense impact on people who wear it. The woman wears the ring as a symbol of her infinite affection and devotion to her partner.

Engagement rings - still in fashion?

The act of giving an engagement ring to someone is not as trendy as it was. In certain social classes, this practice is not as old. An engagement ring used to be reserved exclusively for society and young nobles. For everyday people wearing a ring of diamonds and precious metal was simply too expensive.

The growth in the economy of 1950s allowed men to afford to give their beloved rings of high quality. The tradition of the engagement ring has changed from a ritual for high-society to a tradition appreciated by all. Since the 1970s, the amount of couples where at least one of them regularly wears an engagement band has been growing continuously.

The custom of surprising his partner with an engagement ring is in place to this day. It was previously customary for the man to also wear an engagement ring. Today, 90% of men gift one as a gift but only put it on from the wedding day.

Numerous famous couples ensure that this tradition doesn't fade away with lavish weddings and extravagant engagement rings. Many young people imitate the fashions of celebrities and as a result, the next generation will continue the tradition of the engagement ring.

Why do you require an engagement ring?

Why the engagement ring? This question is always asked by those men who do not understand the traditional meaning or emotional value of the engagement ring. Here are 5 reasons why it's worth the money to buy diamond engagement rings.

The most important reason for most men is that it is so romantic (for her) and distinctive (for him). Anyone who is absolutely certain of his partner's love only requires an engagement ring;-)

The diamond's sparkle will make all your acquaintances and friends happy (not just the tiniest). ...)

Quote from the partner Do you always need to ask these questions? Why not be a little romantic once in a while?

1,000 ruro (for the ring) divided by the years to come (so many! Oh my god, it's just a few dollars a year.

Group obligation: all of the friends have an engagement ring or will be getting one in the near future.


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