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Mapping India's rising Political Violence

Since 2014, The dictatorial style Modi government does not shy away from a clampdown on civilians by using excessive force. One of the traumatic examples is from 05 Aug 2019, when the Modi Government amended the Indian Constitution and removed certain special rights granted to the residents of Jammu and Kashmir, which were temporarily granted under Articles 370 and 35A of the Constitution. This abrogation was implemented forcefully with allegedly more army personnel on the ground than the state's residents.

The pro-government media shameless coins these violent clampdowns as "masterstrokes." There is a general sense of increased polarization in the country. It is because of Mr. Modi's divisive religious identity politics. Violence in the name of religion and cows, which are considered holy in Hinduism, has become more common than ever. The ruling party often uses compromised data visualizations to convey the stories in their favor to spread "positivity."

This project uncovers the geographical locations where different types of political violence - riots and violence against civilians took place since 2016, the actors involved, the increase in violence since 2016, the worst affected areas, and essential population criteria for a riot or violence against civilian to take place.

Please write to me at if you want to know my methodology, have concerns or want to learn how I did this.

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